The Happiness Program

The Happiness Program is a program designed for those super talented men and women who are required to multi-task like a parent of 4, are expected to be as disciplined as a soldier on duty, and have to lift the heavy weight of boss’s expectations like a weightlifter on steroids.


Basically everyone at work.

Why is it Important?

We are not yet sure how much of your revenue is getting effected by the stress in your organization, but we do know the following*:


70% are unhappy at work
50% are not satisfied with the current job
80% find their work stressful
75% do not have good friends at work
65% do not like their bosses


The Happiness Program is a well designed program to increase the Happiness Index of your workplace. The program is for 3 months with educative and entertaining activities every fortnight to enable the participants to gradually move towards a happier self. The program addresses the factors which cause stress at work and help participants align with company values, bond with colleagues and team, resolve conflicts, communicate better, and cultivate a positive outlook.

THP Plan


Measure happiness on various parameters as well as Happiness Index. Getting a detailed profile of participants as per our format.


A talk on values of the company, storytelling, inculcating Humor and Happiness in life and understanding the group and their dynamics.


Participants tell their true work stories in a Town Hall gathering with all employees, picking one company value as a central theme and hence also validating for others that the company lives by it’s values. Everyone is encouraged to speak.



A creative workshop on humor. Adding humor to work, life, and stories.


Participants tell funny stories out of their lives and make it personal in front of all employees. Everyone else is also encouraged to participate.


A discussion on how to approach conflict situations and how humor can help. Team Bonding IMPROV exercises are also done.


3 select participants present PPTs and solutions on topics (pre-selected by the company) to all employees. The topics are relevant, relatable, and presented in a fun manner.

Way Ahead - Recommended

An ongoing fortnightly fun and happiness activities are initiated and executed by the company and the people trained are designated ‘Champions of Happiness’ at work.

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