Workshops & Talks

The Art of Presenting

A 3-hour workshop with 18-20 participants on how to be good at public speaking, sales pitch, and business presentations with the help of humor.

The workshop is effective in bringing focus back on number one quality of an effective leader – communication.

The participants will learn how to communicate effectively as well as present data and reports in a way that they are well received. The workshop imparts skill sets to be more confident while speaking, make interesting presentations, and get funnier.

Take It Easy

A 1-hour talk on how to achieve bigger goals, become happier, and remain stress-free at work and in life.

Happy people are more productive.

The participants will learn how to be stress-free and happier under all circumstances leading to better team spirit, lesser conflicts. A more positive sustainable goal-oriented outlook towards work and life would translate to better relationships with colleagues and customers and unlock potential for achieving big goals.

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Moral of the story - if you have a problem that can be solved with humor, we most likely would have a solution or two (or even more if the money is good).