About Us


We are marketers who understand the importance of humor in business and in life.

We work with comedy and humor content creators to deliver content which is engaging and fun.


Why Humor


Because every-one loves to laugh. Period.

It's no surprise that teachers with good sense of humor, friends who make you laugh, and colleagues who spread happiness are normally the most favorite of all.

Humor is a simple yet strong emotion. So much so that even mothers-in-law with a funny bone are loved!

Humor is associated with intelligence, and the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.


Incorporating well-placed humor into content marketing strategy can bring LOLs (Lots of Leads) to a brand.

Our Services



We create witty content.


Whether you are a brand looking for witty social media content, e-mailers, brand profile… or someone wanting a funny tinder bio or fun speech for you BFFs wedding… we do it all. As far as the brief is ‘make it witty’ we are good.


Influencer Marketing

We bring comic influencers on board for your brand.


LOL = Lots Of Leads!
What better way to integrate your content with the influencers who create LOLs


We help you laugh

We bring laughter to your boardroom and cafeteria.


We help you identify and recruit professional comics for your office events and conferences.



It’s not all fun and frolic.
We do WORK… or more precisely… WORKSHOP!


We conduct workshops on brand story telling and how to include humor in same. We also do workshops on living with more humor and less stress. And yes, on how to make that sales pitch more persuasive with the help of wit.

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We are passionate about Marketing and Humor and all things in-between. We love to help everyone with interesting funny content and give free advise on other non-funny matters we don't know anything about.


Moral of the story - if you have a problem that can be solved with humor, we most likely would have a solution or two (or even more if the money is good).