About Us

We help funny, slightly-funny, and non-funny people express themselves better with the use of humor in business and everyday life.


We believe humor is more than just entertainment - it can be used to break down barriers, improve communication, build confidence and empower. We have developed enjoyable workshops that help utilise the positive effects of humor at work and in life.

Our Services

Workshops & Talks

We conduct workshops on how to have more happiness and less stress at work, how to be a funnier public speaker, and how to make your brand’s story more persuasive with the help of wit. We also deliver a motivational talk on how to face adversity with a smile when your jokes or life doesn’t seem to be going in the correct direction.

The Happiness Program

The Happiness Program is a well-designed program to increase the Happiness Index of your workplace. The program addresses the factors that cause stress at work and help participants cultivate a positive outlook towards work and life which in turn increases their efficiency, productivity, and willingness to pay their taxes on time.

Stand-Up Comedy

We bring laughter to your boardroom and cafeteria.

We help you identify and recruit professional comics for your office events and conferences. We also curate comedy events for your brand’s marketing.


We create witty content.


Whether you are a brand looking for witty social media content, e-mailers, brand profile… or someone wanting a funny tinder bio or fun speech for you BFFs wedding… we do it all. As far as the brief is ‘make it witty’ we are good.

Our Clients

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We are passionate about Marketing and Humor and all things in-between. We love to help everyone with interesting funny content and give free advise on other non-funny matters we don't know anything about.


Moral of the story - if you have a problem that can be solved with humor, we most likely would have a solution or two (or even more if the money is good).


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